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  • What is the hedgehog diet

    What is the hedgehog diet

    Hedgehog food in nature The hedgehog is a carnivore and an insectivore,[١] Here is a list of favorite hedgehog foods:[٢] Invertebrates, because most of its diet is made up of invertebrates, including: towards. ladybugs. the caterpillars. Centipede or centipede. slugs. Earwig insect. It usually feeds on carrion. frogs. little birds. small rodents; Bird eggs. Fruits […]

  • What is a deer antler?  – Subject

    What is a deer antler? – Subject

    Ibex Ibex (English: Ibex) is a species of wild goat that follows the genus (Capra) and family Bovidae, and order Artefacts, and is found in the mountains of northeastern Africa, Europe and Asia.[١] The ibex is distinguished by many things, such as: its long horns curved backwards and forming a semicircle, its long beard and […]