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  • Where does the salmon live?  -Quora

    Where does the salmon live? -Quora

    Where does the salmon live? Salmon is a common name for several types of fish They are distributed in different oceans as some of them live in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and along the west coast of North America while others live in the east of Asia, and Atlantic salmon live along the […]

  • Information about sharks – topic

    Information about sharks – topic

    Ranking of sharks Sharks are classified as a type of cartilaginous fish.[١] It is specifically one of the two well-known cartilaginous fishes, as cartilaginous fishes are classified into two main groups, as follows:[٢] complete heads: (in English: Holocephali). cartilaginous gill lamellae (in English: Elasmobranchii); Sharks belong to this group because there are 8 different orders […]

  • How do fish breathe underwater?

    How do fish breathe underwater?

    Fish breathing methods The fish breathes by entering water into its mouth and expelling it through the gill passages, and as the water passes over the thin walls of the gill passages, the oxygen dissolved in it is transferred into the blood of the fish, to be transferred later to its cells,[١] Here is an […]