Will Tesla Build a Highly Configurable Robovan? | by onlyusetesla

Tesla Semi: Courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla’s latest vehicle to hit a long-standing quirky product roadmap: a Tesla Robovan.

A high-passenger density electric city transport van was planned as early as 2016 alongside a heavy-duty truck, which we now know to be Cybertruck.

As Tesla prepares to begin production of upcoming vehicles, including the Cybertruck next year, the automaker has more room to envision an autonomous future.

Not only will Tesla potentially launch an electric pickup truck, it will be fully automatic.

In this case, the “Robo” aspect of the name hopefully means no pedals or steering wheel.

He would join Robotaxi, Tesla’s next self-driving taxi, in a fleet of self-driving vehicles.

Robotaxi is expected to be unveiled next year and launch in 2024, which might give us an idea of ​​a timeline for Robovan.

Musk spawned the idea on Twitter, as he usually does, by suggesting Tesla build a “highly configurable Robovan for people and cargo.”

The only other detail mentioned is that it would be larger than the Model X, which probably means it could accommodate a lot more passengers.

A Tesla Robovan could be used for individuals and businesses, perhaps second only to Robotaxi as having the lowest operating cost of any van in transportation history.

Real talk

Robovan is a logical next step for Tesla.

If the automaker solves full self-driving this year as ambitiously planned, a self-driving van would become significantly cheaper for businesses and cities that constantly lock up passengers.

The highly configurable look of the vehicle would allow it to be used for a slew of use cases, including urban transportation which Musk’s The Boring Company has planned to crack alongside Tesla.

It would also position Tesla more firmly across multiple industries and sectors of the transportation industry, making the brand more ubiquitous and leading to a strong industrial future.


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