What are the causes of traffic accidents?

What are the causes of traffic accidents?

Causes of traffic accidents


It is advisable to avoid excessive speed when driving a vehicle, as the purpose of speed reduction is not just to avoid a traffic violation, but rather to avoid greater risks and to maintain the safety of the driver and the safety of others, regardless of the reason for the speeding, whether it is a delay for work or the occurrence of an emergency that requires the arrival of The driver is fast, etc., because the driver must know that his ability to control his vehicle decreases with the increase in the speed of his vehicle, which causes unfortunate traffic accidents whose consequences vary from serious injuries to death.[١]

The driver was distracted

There are many reasons for driver distraction while driving the vehicle, some of which occur inside the vehicle and some outside, such as: making a phone call, which reduces brain concentration on driving skills and thus causes traffic accidents, as it is advisable to pull over to make the call if necessary, and to adjust the mirrors The vehicle or the vehicle radio control during driving distracts the driver, and the driver may also be exposed to distractions outside of their vehicle, such as: the appearance of animals on the road or advertising banners, so it is advisable to avoid lending Watch out for distractions to ensure driver safety and avoid traffic accidents.[٢]

Bad weather and roads

Driving in bad weather conditions represented by heavy rain, heavy fog, snow, sleet and high winds are some of the causes of traffic accidents. Reduce speed, leave enough distance between cars while driving,[٣][٤] It is also stated that the driver loses control of the car when he is surprised by the appearance of a hole in his path, or that the tire of his car can explode when passing over potholes and bumpy roads.[٣]

tiredness, drowsiness;

Fatigue and drowsiness cause a large number of traffic accidents each year because the driver must stop immediately when feeling any of the drowsiness indicators because their ability to react well to what they may being exposed on the road weakens because its concentration is disturbed in estimating traffic, driving inside or outside traffic limits.[٤][٥]

to drink alcohol

The danger of driving and the possibility of serious traffic accidents doubles if the driver drinks alcoholic beverages, as the driver then loses concentration and the ability to drive properly. This is because alcohol slows down a person’s reaction and response, and also hinders vision due to a person’s feeling of dizziness and imbalance, in addition to this, it motivates the driver to take risks and to drive recklessly due to the fact that alcohol is a fear suppressant, and it is worth mentioning the need to avoid taking certain types of drugs that cause drowsiness or dizziness while driving. .[٢][٣]

cut red signal

Some drivers don’t buy into the red light, so they drive through it thinking that waiting and stopping there is a waste of time and fuel. At intersections, the reckless driver resorts to a dramatic increase in speed, s exposing himself and others to great danger.[٢]

Traffic accident video

To learn more about traffic accidents, you can watch the following video:

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