The most powerful plane in the world

The most powerful plane in the world

aviation history

Humans have been interested in aviation since ancient times, and many legends have appeared in various civilizations. The first to conceive aviation designs, but without real application at the beginning of the 16th century, was the Italian scientist Leonardo da Vinci .As for the first discovery of flight in the air through balloons (air balloons), it was at the end of the 18th century by the inventors of the Montgolfier brothers, and the balloon technology was based on hot air and halogen as a fuel, but due to its many flaws, the world yearned to discover faster machines that did not explode as fast as balloons. Scientists later focused on gliders, and the most famous of these flight attempts was that of German inventor Otto Lilienthal, who was the first to successfully design and fly a glider in 1896 AD, but this attempt was a failure because the plane only flew fifty meters, and the scientist fell and died after a few days.

The most powerful plane in the world

Aircraft are a vast and vast world, and they have many civil and military uses, and there are many excellent and distinguished aircraft in service at different levels, which makes it difficult to choose a distinguished and preferred aircraft over the rest of the aircraft, and aircraft are classified into civil or military aircraft, and each of them has distinctive aircraft. As for the most powerful warplanes, they are as follows:

The most powerful warplanes

What distinguishes the combat aircraft from other aircraft is the generation of the engine, the speed, the ability to maneuver and conceal radars, and the multiplicity of offensive or defensive tasks it carries, and among the combat aircraft the more powerful:[١]

  • F-22 Raptors: A jet warplane belonging to the American company Lockheed Martin, equipped with modern fifth-generation engines that give the aircraft speed and reaction power in flight.The fighter stands out as the fastest in the world due to the presence the function of stealth and infiltration according to the radars. The length of the aircraft is 18.9 m, and its height from the ground is 5.08 m. These planes are few in number, as there are not more than 200 pilots in the world due to their exorbitant cost, such as the price of the plane. aircraft is 356 million US dollars.[٢][١]
  • F-35 Lightning II: A jet warplane belonging to the American company Lockheed Martin, famous for the title of stealth, and it carries two other titles, namely Lightning 2 and Lightning 2, a modern fighter developed to replace LF aircraft in the US military , and it is very similar to the F-22, characterized by its high speed and the function of hiding radars It has multiple tasks such as tactical bombing, terrain and air support, because the aircraft was equipped with the latest air -air and air-to -surface missiles The length of the plane is 15.7m and its maximum speed reaches 1930km/h.[٣][١]
  • F Super Hornet: A jet fighter belonging to the American giant Boeing Corporation, in cooperation with McDonnell Douglas, a multitasking fighter aircraft that runs on two and a half fourth generation jet engines, the first of which was produced in 1995 AD , and entered service in 1999 AD as part of the US Army fighter aircraft, the aircraft is distinguished by its lightning speed, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and the ability to refuel in flight, often serve in the United States Army, and some of its fighters were sold outside the United States of America, but on a limited basis.[٤][١]
  • Eurofighter Typhoon: A European warplane produced by Airbus, which cooperated with a number of countries to manufacture it, namely Spain, Germany, Britain and Italy. It stands out for its enormous defensive abilities. It is a multitasking aircraft capable of performing air-to-ground attack operations, its armament depends on European missiles and it has the ability to arm itself in the air.[٥][١]
  • Gripen JAS-39: A multifunctional Swedish combat aircraft, manufactured by Saab, equipped with a jet engine that generates great power close to 100 kN per hour, the aircraft has the ability to launch targets without the presence of radars, the aircraft characterized by its light weight and its price is acceptable compared to other combat aircraft, it entered service in In the year 2000 AD, it is distinguished by its small size, as it allows it to take off and land on any track.[١]

The best civilian aircraft

What distinguishes a good civil aircraft from other civil aircraft is its ability to withstand bad weather, and the comfort it provides to passengers, in addition to its speed and fuel economy.

  • Boeing 747-8: Civil aircraft belonging to the American giant Boeing Company. The aircraft began to be manufactured in 2005. It is characterized by its high speed and ability to withstand storms and bad weather, which gives it great advantages over other aircraft. medium-sized aircraft which was designed to succeed and replace the older generation of Boeing aircraft, it contains about 400 seats, and the number varies according to the orders of the purchasing airlines, and it competes widely with the Airbus A380.[٦][٧]
  • Airbus A380: Aircraft belonging to the European company Airbus, it stands out as the largest civil aircraft at present, which saves a lot of expense for airlines, its design and implementation took several years with a large group of engineers, the design of the aircraft was revealed in 2005 AD, the first aircraft of this model took off from Toulouse airport The French at a grand ceremony by the manufacturer, the aircraft contains jet engines and a large number of seats ranging from 544 to 615 seats, the length of the aircraft is about 79.8 m, its height from the ground is 24.1 m and it flies at a maximum speed of 900 km/h.[٨][٩]
  • Embraer 195-E2: An aircraft belonging to the large Brazilian company Embraer, and it is one of the most modern and beautiful civil aircraft, because it is distinguished by the splendor of the design and the great interest in passenger comfort.The first aircraft was manufactured in 2013 AD, and it entered service in 2018. It is a medium-sized aircraft that can accommodate 144 passengers. Large jet aircraft, which allow them greater speed and flexibility in the air, are approximately 41.5 meters long and 10.9 meters high.[١٠][١١]

The Wright brothers accelerated the development of aircraft

In 1903 AD, the first airplane was invented by the Wright brothers, and it was called Flyer 2, and this airplane flew a distance of 39 meters for 12 seconds, then the pace of the civil and military aviation industry s accelerated during World Wars I and II to the present day.

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