The largest airport in the world – a subject

The largest airport in the world

The largest airports in the world

The largest airports in the world in terms of size can be classified in the following table:[١]

Airport name Country Size (km²)
King Fahd International Airport Saudi Arabia 776
Denver International Airport USA 135.71
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport USA 69.63
Orlando International Airport Orlando 53.83
Washington Dulles International Airport Washington 48.56
George Bush Intercontinental Airport Houston 44.51
Shanghai Pudong International Airport China 39.88
Cairo International Airport Egypt 36.25
Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand 32.4
Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport France 32.37
Madrid Barajas Airport Spain 30.5
O’Hare International Airport USA 29.13
Salt Lake City International Airport USA 28.3
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Holland 27.87
Frankfurt Airport Germany 23

King Fahd International Airport

King Fahd International Airport is the largest airport in the world in terms of area, as it covers about 78,000 hectares, or about 780 square kilometers. The design of this airport began in 1976 AD, by the architect Yamasky, in cooperation with Aerosystem International, and construction started in 1983. And it was completed in 1999. This airport contains a large passenger hall consisting of six floors, three for passengers, one for arrivals, one for departures and one for the plane. The passenger terminal covers an area of ​​327,018 square meters, and there are numerous offices to serve customers, including 66 for Saudi Airlines lines, 44 for foreign airlines, and the rest for customs and immigration. he airport contains a mosque built above the roof of the car park, and features distinctive architectural designs that blend modern and old Islamic style, in addition to containing a royal building for the royal family and senior officials. This covers also The building area is 16,443 square meters.[١]

Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has been open since 1995 AD, and it occupies an area of ​​53 square miles, and it is considered the largest airport in North America,[٢] It was designed by architect Fentress Bradburn and is considered one of the most beloved engineering and architectural structures.[٣]

Dallas-Forth Worth Airport

Dallas Forth Worth International Airport is located in Dallas, specifically 29 kilometers northwest of the city center, and this airport is characterized by easy transportation to and from it, as transportation is available by bus or taxi, and most major domestic airlines travel through this airport, including America and Antarctica.[٤]

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