Road safety and traffic accident prevention

Road safety and traffic accident prevention

road safety

Road safety is about training people and teaching them how to drive or cross roads safely,[١] Road safety is managed by a set of laws and international agreements which are proposed and promulgated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), and are then negotiated by governments, and then become binding on countries that adhere to these agreements.[٢]

The agreements of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe relate to several points, in particular: the highway code, traffic lights, road infrastructures, technical control of vehicles, safety of the transport of goods and dangerous materials , etc. These agreements are also mainly aimed at improving road safety and facilitating commercial and tourist travel on international roads.[٢]

Prevention of traffic accidents

Drive calmly and slowly

Drivers should drive carefully and slowly and constantly monitor their speed. The fact that excessive speed portends many human and material losses; such as causing death or damaging cars, in addition to fines and financial violations resulting from excessive speeding, and according to National Highway Safety Administration statistics, speeding results in approximately 10,000 fatal injuries per year; In order to avoid speeding, it is better for the person to allow more time to arrive at their destination.[٣]

put on the seat belt

The driver always undertakes to wear his seat belt; This is unavoidable under traffic laws in many countries around the world, and children should always sit – especially those under the age of 8 – in child seats designated for their seating position in cars, and these seats must be properly installed in the back seat of the car, it cannot be installed in the front passenger seat, because seat belts in cars must be used in order to maintain the safety and security of all passengers in the car, no matter where they sit or what type of vehicle they drive.[٤]

Driving outside the express lane

It is best for the driver to stay in the right or middle lane while driving and try to get as far away from the fast lane as possible. Especially since most traffic accidents happen on highways; And in the event that he adheres to driving in the middle lanes and the driver notices the presence of a person or drivers who seem about to cause a traffic problem, then he can move away from them, as well as avoid any possible accident.[٥]

Hold the steering wheel well

It is recommended that the driver stick to the steering wheel of the car with both hands; It is not allowed to drive with one hand, because it must be placed correctly while driving, and it is known that the best position for the hands is like the quarter past nine position, and by this it is intended to make the hands parallel in a straight line, that is, the right hand should be at the 3 hour digit and the left hand at 9; This mode provides the driver with a high degree of control over their car during the driving process.[٥]

Watch out for crossing the green signal

The driver must pay attention to the traffic around him before continuing his journey when the light turns green, he must look in all directions around him at least twice, and he must also ensure that no driver does not attempt to pass yellow or amber lights. red light, as the driver advises By carefully watching the exterior mirrors of his car to avoid blind spots.[٦]

Reduce night driving

It is best to reduce driving at night as much as possible, regardless of how strong or weak the driver’s eyesight is. Driving at night is generally more difficult and dangerous than driving during the day. This makes the driver more vulnerable to accidents when driving at night. This is due to several reasons, the most important of which is the low visibility in the dark and the lack of clarity, in addition to the presence of a greater percentage of reckless and reckless drivers during the night period.[٧]

Regular car maintenance

The driver should always be careful to carry out periodic inspection of the car by dealing with a professional car technician, and there are a number of things that should be done periodically, the most important of which is to ensure that the tires of the car are not worn out, and it is necessary to ensure that any strange sounds emanating from the car are checked and make sure it is working properly.[٧]

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