Guide to the Best Types of Japanese Cars

Learn about the most important types of Japanese cars. Choosing a car to buy is one of the most confusing things for everyone. Where you are always looking for the best in the industry, design, speed, price, car load capacity and many other bases to choose a car that suits all your different personal conditions, and the best car types are Japanese cars, and in this article of an encyclopedia, we show you the types It’s different, follow us.

Japanese car brands

The global automotive industry tends to develop power, speed and excellent design, and this is what the various Japanese cars offer; Japanese automakers are constantly developing them.

Japanese car types are named after the names of their manufacturers, and below we mention the most important types.

Ranking of Japanese automakers

The best Japanese car company


The first type of Japanese car in the world is the “MITSUBISHI” type, which got its name from the name of the company that produced it. This company was founded in 1834 under a different name, and its name changed in 1870 to become Mitsubishi Chico. .

Daihatsu car

Daihatsu is the company that has specialized in the production of many small cars since its establishment in 1907, and Daihatsu cars are distinguished by the process compatible with life in all cities of the world, especially in crowded cities.


The Japanese car Suzuki is one of the most important cars that were made. Where the Suzuki company made it when it was founded in 1909 to make small cars, and in 1955 it was able to make its first car, with an engine capacity of about 4000 cm.


The Isuzu car is one of the cars produced by the Japanese company Isuzu, founded in 1916 in the capital, Tokyo. This company first built ships and then turned to the automotive industry to produce one of the best automobile productions in the world.


Mazda car is one of the most famous Japanese car types in the world, and Mazda company was founded in 1920, and its head office is located in Hiroshima, and it produced its first car in 1960, which took the manufacturer’s name as an important brand in the automotive world.


Nissan is one of the best Japanese cars in the world, because the Nissan company, founded in 1933, produced many types of cars under the name of the company, and the most important of these types: “Nissan, Nissan Tema, Nissan Maxima , Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Sunny, Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Gloria, Nissan Patrol, Nissan Datsun Pickup, Nissan Armada, Nissan Murano and many other cars belonging to this important brand.

Japanese cars Toyota

Toyota is the largest and most famous type among Japanese cars in the world.Toyota was established in 1937.The company is headquartered in Nagoya area, Aichi prefecture, and Nagoya area. Toyota, the capital.Toyota is the largest automobile manufacturer in the world.

And Toyota cars always look brand new with the recent launch of its various cars; Where this company is always working to develop its production and always provide the best, and among the advanced capabilities it has created are:

  • The presence of a four-speed automatic transmission, which is electronically controlled by buttons.
  • It also has a modern automated parking system which distinguishes this type of car from others.
  • This is in addition to the staffing of an eight-speed transmission.

honda car

Honda is one of the most important types of Japanese cars in the world, and the Honda company was established in 1948, and it produced many different types of cars, and it also produces motorcycles, and the most important types are: Honda s500, Honda Civic, in addition to the types of ecological cars that produced it.


Founded in 1989, Lexus Automotive manufactured Japanese-made automobiles; He is the one who works on the design, manufacture, assembly and everything related to the manufacture of this type of car.

In this article, we have introduced you to a number of important Japanese cars that are considered market leaders in the automotive industry. Follow the new encyclopedia.






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