When is new car oil changed?

When is the oil in the new car changed? Changing the oil for cars is one of the ways to keep the car engine safe from damage and work to maintain the efficiency of the car as it preserves the life of the passenger of the car from exposure to problems that can lead to his life, and through the following encyclopedia article we will present you with information about engine oil, its change and its validity, so follow us.

Engine oil shelf life

Some believe that car engine oils do not have a shelf life, which car care experts deny, saying that in good storage conditions, and in sealed containers that have not yet been opened, the validity of the oil varies from three to five years. from the date of manufacture.

Also, oils that have been opened, if the period between first use and next use varies from six months to one year, should not be used even if their expiry date is still valid, because these oils degrade after opening. .

When is new car oil changed?

People who buy a new car wonder when the car’s oil is changed for the first time, and whether to rely on the recognized periods or number of kilometers, or whether there are other procedures which they follow to maintain the engine of the car, and the auto experts say that the new car should change the oil itself after driving a distance of 1000 kilometers, because the oil in the car is usually oil of storage, and the car can remain in the showroom for periods of more than six months, and therefore it is not necessary to count when buying a new car on known distances to change the oil which is estimated at about five thousand kilometers.

Problems for not changing the oil in the car

Not changing the engine oil leads to many problems for the car, the most important of which are:

  • The car engine becomes heavy, which reduces the speed of the car due to the accumulation of impurities in the internal parts of the engine.
  • Oil leaks outside the engine as a result of changes in its texture and viscosity, which harms the engine and reduces its efficiency.
  • Damage and breakage of the engine, due to the friction of its internal parts as a result of movement, in addition to a rise in its temperature while driving, especially while driving for long periods, which leads to damage to the whole engine or parts of it.
  • The spread of rust in the car engine and its rapid damage due to the loss of the effective properties of the oil, the most important of which is resistance to rust and friction.

Car oil change after km

Experts advise changing the engine oil after a distance of five thousand kilometers, or after three months, and in some types of cars the oil is changed every six months or after moving the car for distances of ten thousand kilometers.

Factors on which engine oil change depends

There are many reasons why the car owner or driver needs to change the engine oil to protect it from damage and corrosion, and the most important of these reasons are:

  • Default oil expiration time

Which is estimated by automotive experts to cover five thousand to twenty thousand kilometers, or to be changed every three to six months, and this period should not be exceeded without changing the oil to prevent engine damage .

  • Walk long distances

The use of the car differs from person to person, because there are those who use the car to travel long distances, and there are those who use it for short distances, and therefore the efficiency Car engine oil differs from person to person. , and those who drive long distances are more likely to damage the oil compared to those who drive short distances, and therefore people should Those who drive long distances frequently should be sure to change the oil frequently.

  • Oil change

An urgent change of the car engine oil should be carried out in cases when the car driver notices changes in the thickness of the oil or the degree of viscosity of the oil, as this leads to friction of the parts of the engine while driving, which leads to its wear, as well as a rise in its temperature, which endangers the driver and the car.

In addition, the changes that occur in the color of the oil require it to be changed urgently, since the changes in it indicate that the driver has traveled a long distance in the car without rest, which caused the oil to burn, or that it is not using the car in an ideal way.






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