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The electrics of the car is one of the easiest things to do on your own without the help of an auto electrician. If there is a malfunction in the electrical parts of the car, you can turn to the technician to repair the malfunction. . no need more than to know the components of electric parts of the car, such as the type of electric current, the types of batteries and the best of them, the dynamo and how to keep them all all this and more you will learn to know via the site of the encyclopedia.

car electricity

dc current

It is this electric current which does not change, because it is fixed in its direction, its wave and its poles. This type is used in battery operated devices, and the poles are not changed at any time, as this leads to exposing the car to danger. There are certain terms for automotive electricity, which are:


It is a unit of measurement by which the voltage difference between the two sides of the electricity source is measured, and the voltage difference in cars is often:

  • angel cars: 12 volt.
  • Pickup cars: 24 volt.
  • Transport cars: 48 volts.


It is a unit of measurement of electric current and it is different in cars because each car has a specific electric current according to its capabilities.

Types of car batteries

  • Passenger cars are mostly 12 volts, where each quarter of the battery is responsible for emitting 2 volts.
  • The battery types are:

liquid acid battery

  • Each quarter contains sheets of cardboard coated with lead and lead oxide.
  • The plates are coated with concentrated sulfuric acid in a 1:3 ratio of distilled water.

Alkaline Liquid Battery

  • The panels should be coated with zinc and coated with liquid potash.
  • This type is distinguished by the fact that the battery life is four times longer than the life of liquid alkaline batteries.
  • Batteries of this type are large and expensive, so they are used less.

dry battery

  • It has the same components as mini pocket batteries, but in a larger size.
  • The reactions inside the battery responsible for generating the electric current take place between the carbon and the chemical pulp.
  • One of the best types of batteries available in the market as it is safe and clean as it does not contain any toxic or burning materials.
  • Long service life up to 5 years.

Ways to maintain the car battery

  • Install it in its base so that it is attached to a mounting bracket; If it is not installed, it will be subject to movement, which will lead to its exposure to damage.
  • Place insulators around the poles so that the car does not come into contact with these poles, especially the positive pole.
  • Choose the battery that matches the car and motor so that she can identify the amount of amps that matches the car.
  • Constant monitoring of the dynamo, and if the signal assigned to it lights up, it means that there is a malfunction in the dynamo, and a technician should be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Constantly examine the level of the acid liquid and make sure of the degree of concentration, because the battery charging operations cause the evaporation of the existing distilled water, which affects the concentration of the acid and increases its concentration, resulting in corrosion of the panels and shortening their lifespan. A hydrometer is used for this.

How to measure the specific gravity of an acid

  • Open the lid of each quarter and take a sample of the acid by squeezing the dropper.
  • If the color of the acid is green, it indicates that its density is good.
  • If it is white, it means the acid has a low density and needs to be charged.
  • If it is red, the acid concentration is too high and the acid should be changed or distilled water added.

car dynamo

  • The dynamo generates enough electrical energy to charge the battery.
  • It undertakes the task of converting energy from kinetic type to electrical type in a specified quantity which does not change. Car dynamo is characterized by giving direct current to the car.
  • The dynamo is made up of:
    • Stator: It’s called a shirt.
    • moving part: It is known as bobbin.
    • Unity Circle: It is made of silicones.
    • charge controller: It is a cuttlefish and is divided into two types:

Out of the dynamo.

Inside the dynamo.

Ways to maintain the dynamo

  • Use the correct battery type.
  • Make sure the belt is taut so that it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Make sure the belt is secure and undamaged.
  • Monitor the battery signal, and if it is not off, it means it is not charging (the signal is on when the ignition is open, and off when the car engine is running).
  • Ensure the safety of the parties at all times.

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