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We are going to show you through our today article a topic about car sprays.One of the necessary tasks that an individual must do to ensure his safety to a large extent is regular maintenance work on a car. regular basis for all the contents of the car. It is not only protects its safety, but also increases the life of the car. One of the most important things that a car owner should take care of every year, and through the following lines on the Encyclopedia, we will talk about the types of sprays, the symptoms of their damage and the importance of cleaning them periodically.

A topic on car sprays

Injectors are one of the most important fuel injection parts in the car, and they are among the parts that should be serviced every year in the car in order to increase the service life of the car.

Types of nebulizers

In the past, cars were not equipped with a fuel injection unit. Instead, they relied on the presence of a carburetor to perform this function. Over time, vehicles were equipped with fuel injectors, and there were three types of cars. :

  1. Single port fuel injector.
  2. Multiport fuel injector.
  3. Direct fuel injector, this type is for diesel fuel engines.

Symptoms of damage to injectors in the car

There are some indications that indicate damage to the car’s injectors, and if this occurs, the car owner should take this into account to repair the malfunction, as follows:

  • Low engine power

This appears in the event that the car stops at a certain speed limit and does not respond to an increase in speed when you press the gasoline engine after reaching a certain speed.

There are cases when the engine completely stops working, in which case the car must be checked for repair of sprays.

One of the reasons that lead to the damage of sprayers is the lack of constant change of the fuel filter, since dust accumulates inside and a problem arises in the complete performance of its tasks by the car.

  • Engine knocking while driving

If this happens, the sprayers should be serviced and the cleanliness of the fuel filter checked. If the filter is dirty or contains dust, it limits the access of gasoline to the car and therefore does not work. GOOD.

The importance of cleaning car fuel injectors

The basis for the movement of cars is the presence of fuel sprayers. If the sprayers are damaged, the car turns into a useless piece of iron. Therefore, constant attention should be paid to the cleanliness of fuel sprayers and movements, as it increases the service life of the car, increases the power of the main engine of the car and prevents the appearance of exhaust gases black.

There are several types of car engine cleaning liquids, and to ensure the use of detergents suitable for the car, you must consult the technicians specialized in this field.

How to clean car sprays

Nebulizers are distinguished by the fact that they do not have to be checked in inspection offices, so you can clean them yourself if it is difficult to get to service centers, and it is very necessary to Periodically clean the car’s fuel nebulizers, as they are the main engine of the car, and this can be done by following several steps, which are as follows:

  • Prepare all the tools that are used to clean the sprayers, i.e. the water supply pipes and the cleaning liquid.
  • Look in the car’s owner’s manual to see where the sprays are.
  • Make sure the hoses that connect the injectors and the fuel pump are separated, then connect the pump to the fuel tank via the fuel return line.
  • Make sure the fuel tank cap is removed to prevent fire during cleaning, then connect the detergents to the injection fuel inlet.
  • Before performing the cleaning process, the car must be started until it signals that the cleaning fluid has run out, turning it off.
  • After completing all these steps, you need to start the car to make sure the connections are properly restored.






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