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What is a baby camel called?

Camel Baby Names

A young camel is called a dialogue (English: Calves), and a young camel is called a dialogue from birth to weaning age.[١]

The birth of a young camel

The female carries her young for a period of 12 to 14 months, then she begins to look for a place of her own. In order to give birth to her young, and she may give birth to one or two young, because the camel at the time of her birth shows signs such as anxiety, tension and estrangement from the rest of the herd, then she rushes towards any wall she finds in front of her so that her cervix starts to expand, then the calf rushes to get closer to the vagina And then her stress and fatigue increase, and after that the head of her little one appears , then its body, and finally the placenta comes out.[٢]

It is reported that delivery can take 50 minutes or more.[٢] Then, the little one will be able to walk within 30 minutes after birth, and it will join the camel herd after two weeks, and finally it will be an adult after 7 years.[٣]

Characteristics of a small camel

The young camel has several characteristics, including the following:

Formal characteristics of a small camel

A young camel is characterized by physical characteristics quite similar to its parents, which are as follows:[٤]

  • It has long legs and a convex back.
  • The young camel belonging to the one-humped camel has one hump, while the one belonging to the Bactrian camel (in English: Bactrian camels) It has two bumps.
  • A young camel has humps made of fat in which it stores and uses when it runs out of food and water.
  • It has a third eyelid above the eyes. To protect it from the sands and the dusty atmosphere of the desert, it also has long upper and lower eyelashes; to protect his eyes.
  • He has a nose that can close his nostrils during sandstorms.
  • The young camel has thick lips; depending on the nature of its food that it eats, which differs from the food of other animals, as it eats thorny plants.

Behavioral characteristics of a small camel

The young camel is distinguished by several behaviors, including:[٥]

  • A young camel walks with the herd, as the herd leads a male camel which is characterized by strength and control over the rest of the group, as young camels join these herds two weeks after birth.
  • Young camels are considered social animals, as they have inherited this trait from their parents, and they greet members of the herd by blowing in the face of some of them.
  • A young camel uses its hump; To store food and water there, and when the fat stored there is consumed, the size of the bump decreases until food and water are stored there again.
  • Camels spit constantly, as they tend to remove their stomach contents by spitting, and this is a defensive method they have when they feel in danger.
  • A young camel or camel moves the front and back leg on the same side in front together while walking.
  • Camels drink large amounts of water, as they can drink 113 liters of water in 13 minutes.

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