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How to make a parrot talk


Parrot is a kind of colorful bird, and it belongs to the family (Psittacidae), and this family includes about 333 species which have been found on the ground so far, and its subfamily is known as the (Psittacinae).[١] Parrots of all kinds live in warm tropical regions, and the most abundant areas of parrot species are North America and the various regions surrounding Australia, including South Asia. Parrots are famous for their intelligence and their ability to express and imitate human voices and words, and whenever a person is friendly and loving towards them and treats them kindly, the same feelings return to them. .[٢]

Parrots are classified into three main families, namely the Cacatuidae family, the Psittacidae family, and finally the New Zealand parrot (English: Strigopidae), which is restricted to New Zealand only, and people distinguish usually the parrot of other birds due to its hooked beak and colorful feathers, which are mostly green in color, and parrots usually feed on nuts, seeds, fruits and small insects,[٢] It should be mentioned that their ability to speak and imitate sounds differs among their types, some of whom speak to a great extent, and some of them have an average ability to speak, but their voice and speech are clear, while that the latter type has a poor ability to speak and usually shouts and makes sounds instead of uttering words. .[٣]

Learn to talk to a parrot

To teach a parrot to talk, the following can be done:

  • Talk calmly to the parrot, get to know it better, and set expectations that it will learn to talk over time.[٤]
  • Choose sounds and words wisely and start the training process by choosing simple and short words such as the word hello or the word goodbye, and the tone of talking with the parrot should be a positive tone.[٤]
  • Repeat the words to which the parrot has responded to a large extent since the beginning of training and repeat them as much as possible.[٤]
  • Patience in teaching parrots to speak, because there are types that learn very quickly, and there are types that require a long time and may end up learning a word, so patience must be exercised during the education process and do not rush the results, and the parrot should be praised if he utters a new word, no matter how simple.[٤]
  • Start teaching the parrot to whistle if you notice the difficulty in his speaking ability early on.[٤]
  • Show enthusiasm while talking to the parrot, as it picks up on its owner’s enthusiasm and wants to know more.[٣]
  • Write a few words or several sentences or try certain sounds to teach them to the parrot, and it is better to repeat certain words or sentences at the same time of the day and every day, for example before going to bed, we can say good night to the parrot every night, and so the parrot gets used to this phrase and when we say it begins to learn it.[٣]
  • It is better to have a conversation with the parrot than to teach him words and repeat them over and over again, for example, the parrot can be told what he is doing or what he will do later, and he ask if he wants to eat and so on.[٣]
  • The parrot should be placed in a place where it can constantly see and hear people in order to learn from them to speak, such as the living room, for example.[٣]
  • Avoid the presence of any source of interference, such as television or radio, because when teaching a parrot to speak it must be taken into account that speech only hears its teacher and there is no no other sounds that would interfere with the learning process.[٣]
  • Conduct research on the existing bird and its type, and discover its ability to learn speech and sounds.
  • CDs can be used to train the parrot to speak, but this can be a boring and inefficient method, as the bird will learn more if it senses human interaction with it.

Parrot species

Parrots are classified according to their ability to speak into three types, which are as follows:[٣]

  • Fluent speaking parrots, examples of which are:
arabic name english name
African gray parrot African gray parrot
amazon parrot Amazon Parrot
indian parrot Indian choker
yellow blue macaw blue and gold macaw
white cockatoo umbrella cockatoo
gala parrot rose-breasted cockatoo
  • Parrots with an average ability to speak, examples of which are:
arabic name english name
Budgie Parakeets
eclectus parrot eclectus parrot
conure Conures
Durra Parakeets
cockatoo Cockatoo
Ruby macaw hyacinth macaws
  • Parrots with a weak ability to speak, examples of which are:
arabic name english name
crimson macaw scarlet macaw
lovebird lovebird
monk parrot Quaker Parrot
Durra female female parakeets
female cockatiel female cockatiels

Parrots can also be classified according to their size into four sections, which are as follows:[٥]

  • Small parrots, examples of which are:
arabic name english name
cockatiel cockatiels
small parakeet small parakeets
lovebirds or lovebirds lover
  • Medium-sized parrots, examples of which are:
arabic name english name
caique parrot caiques
little conure little conures
big parakeet Large Parakeets
Lori parrot and lorikeet Lorises and Lorikeets
Blue-headed Parrot Pinus Pionus parrots
  • Large parrots, examples of which are:
arabic name english name
eclectus parrot Eclectus
African gray parrot African Gray
great conure great conures
amazon parrot Amazons
little cockatoo small cockatoos
  • Very large parrots, of which the following are examples:
arabic name english name
big cockatoo great cockatoos
macaw macaws

famous guys

  • African gray parrot: This type of parrot lives in central and western Africa and in tropical forests, and is characterized by its bright red tails, while its bodies are gray in color and its beak is black, and there are no noticeable differences in form between the male and female of them. These parrots have a great ability to imitate human sounds and speech, and the males are more talkative than the females, and the length of the bird is about 13 inches, or about 33 cm, and they live on average about 80 years old.[٢][١]
  • Cockatiel parrot: It is a small type of parrot, and it lives in Australia and humid places, and it is distinguished by its white or gray body color, while its head is yellow, and there is a reddish patch on its cheek , while its tail is long, reaching half the size of its whole body, and this type of parrot is the only type that reproduces in its first year.[٢]
  • macaw parrot: It is one of the very large species that is characterized by its strange colors, and it lives in South and Central America and Mexico, and it is considered an endangered species, because hunters hunt it for the sell it or use it in entertainment. shows, and this species may die if removed from its home.[٢]
  • Cockatoo parrot: This species lives in Australasia and other countries like the Philippines, northern Indonesia, Guinea, and the Solomon Islands, as well as in the arid desert of Australia. Its types are the pink cockatoo, considered the most beautiful parrot in the world, and the cockatoo is surprisingly intelligent, and its voice is remarkably loud.[٢][١]
  • Lovebirds or Lovebirds: This species lives in Africa and Madagascar, and is distinguished by its very small size, as a person can put it in the palm of his hand. Orphan parrots or lovebirds live in pairs consisting of a male and a female. They feed on fruits and seeds, and they also like figs. The orphan parrot needs care. They are tall, and it should be noted that there are certain types of them that speak, but most of them cannot speak.[٢]

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