Are you being ‘schooled’ by your own kids?

Are you getting ‘tech’-schooled by your kids? Do they continually blow your minds with nifty tech skills? Are you a little bit jealous of their technical prowess and fancy upping your game and learning a thing or two?

Why wait to set up for success? The real world runs on Windows 11. And ASUS. So should yours. Join us and discover the potential it can unlock for you (and them).

We believe that every day is a school day. Whatever your age. Which is why we’ve created a platform that supports you with the basics (hey, copy and paste are important!), and the advanced.

The Monago family on laptops and quotes from them

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Our daughter, Myra, really knows her stuff when it comes to tech. Just the other day she had us well and truly schooled showing us Windows 11 features we didn’t know existed! And we thought it was only fair we shared them with you – sharing is caring after all…

  • Voice Recognition: hold down ‘CTRL + Windows + S’, and say “start listening” or click microphone button on screen to activate. Then off you go. Ask it anything, and when you’re done, just say, “stop listening”
  • Dictator Mode: allows you to type hands free! You can juggle dinner and homework or get away from your screen and dictate documents. It picks up on intonation and grammar too! Shortcut to it via ‘Windows + H’
  • Location sharing: handy to keep track of each other, but ALSO keeps us connected with the kids when we’re apart. You can share your location, spot them on a map and save places they visit the most to ensure they’re safe and secure at all times

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Mr and Mrs Monago on the sofa with a laptop


If like us, you want to give your kids the autonomy they crave to learn, play and create, whilst having a healthy and safe relationship with their tech, Windows 11 can help. Here’s a round-up of our favourites that will put your mind at rest when it comes to family safety and security:

  • Screen time management: we love this feature because it means someone else is bad cop! We set screen time limits to suit and flex around our weekly schedule
  • Content filters: our kids are different ages and have different needs when it comes to tech and accessing content. Content Filters allow us to set up individual profiles for each of them, so they only have access to age-appropriate content across apps, games, or websites
  • Privacy: we want our kids to be independent learners and thinkers, and the same goes for their tech learning journeys. Digital life can be scary, but Privacy tools put parameters in place to manage who can communicate and play games with them, as well as restrict the activity and profile information others can view

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