Search for wireless networks and their types

We will discuss in this article Search for wireless networks and their types on sight encyclopedia And about how wireless networks work and their benefits and are there types of wireless networks and what is the difference between wired and wireless networks and the wireless network is one of the networks that covers large areas of places and has become very widespread unlike to the wired network and the network can no longer be ignored in every home and every company and every organization.

Search for wireless networks and their types

Wireless networks are something that a person cannot give up under any circumstances, so the network is the one that controls everything, it controls the internet and the mobile phone.

  • Wi-Fi is one of the most common networks in this era, and it is a wireless network that allows you to connect to the Internet, and its cost is very simple and not expensive at all.
  • And all devices can connect to the Wi-Fi network if these devices are mobile phone, computer or any other modern device and anyone can enjoy that network by going to the nearest telecommunication company.
  • And that the basis for the emergence of the wireless network was the wired network, so it depended on cables, and then the great technological development led to the emergence of wireless networks that expanded and became widespread.
  • It made it easier for a person to go about their daily life, know the news and get information.
  • Networking is considered one of the greatest technological advancements in this era where a person can communicate with another person from afar without having to go to them and also transfer information very quickly.
  • There are many networks other than the Wi-Fi network as the networks are a wide and big world. There are dial-up networks, which are a chip that allows you to contact a person from anywhere in the world, and you can also browse the Internet, and their cost is very low.

How wireless networks work

There are many ways that a wireless network can work and we will now learn how a wireless network works.

  • The idea of ​​working wireless networks is a group of waves that it sends out with the clients it has, and it works with an operating system that is different from other networks, so it sends and receives data and stores it on the memory cards of the main computer.
  • The so-called electromagnetic waves are a key element in the operation of the wireless network, as they transmit codes and information from one point to another without penetrating anything tangible or physical.
  • Radio waves also work on it, so it works to communicate information through it, putting information in the form of waves that transmit it very precisely until it reaches the receiver.
  • Radio waves differ depending on what information they carry or need to be transmitted, and the radio signal is in the form of frequencies, and this frequency is individual.
  • There are two types of connection that are part of the work of the wireless network. The first type is the directional connection, which in turn mainly works to direct the signals to their specified location and also protects them from any interference that occurs if due to their passage through a magnetic field, and in turn acts to prevent interference in frequencies and to reuse them again.
  • The second type is undirected communication, which is the opposite of directed communication, because this communication does not specify its destination and has many defects. Signals can be distorted and frequencies can interfere.
  • The wireless network is operated by connecting a cable to the receiving device and the network is transformed from a wired network to a wireless network where all user data is stored.
  • The network consists of a group of devices known as wireless devices
  • The card responsible for transferring data from the sender to the receiver is known as the wireless NIC.
  • There are many devices that extend the coverage to a wider range and strengthen the network, and the most important of these devices is the Range Expander
  • There are many devices that transmit the network by connecting it to a power source and these devices are called wireless routers
  • Wireless router This device converts a wired network into a wireless network
  • Antenna is an antenna device that in turn transmits wireless signals, the main types of which are plane, sector, grid and Omni

Advantages of wireless networking

The wireless network has many advantages and benefits that benefit society, people and the world at large, and this largely indicates the importance of the wireless network, and the main functions it provides are:

  • Human convenience in sending audio clips, images, files and all information in an easy, simple and super fast way without fatigue and without cost, even if it is through the Internet or applications.
  • A single device can be controlled by a number of people in a home, such as a printer that can be used by more than one computer through a wireless network.
  • Anyone can call via the internet at the lowest cost.
  • Kids can play over the wireless network, so more than one computer can work together to play on the same network.
  • The wired network is connected to the computer with cables, but now you can connect to the network without cables, but with waves.
  • It is easy to use, it is not difficult at all and anyone can use it.
  • Where wireless networks are distinguished firm Devices used to transfer the network as opposed to using cables which are easily damaged.
  • It greatly and securely helps to store information without leaking or exposing it to damage, and it can store very large amount of information because it has large spaces.

The difference between telecommunications

There are many differences that need to be clarified in order to know the difference between wired and wireless networks.

  • Wired networks have a very high cost in terms of the price of the devices and cables you need to connect, but the wireless network does not need any cables or high costs.
  • It takes a lot of effort and good planning to create a wired network, and to place it in the house, there are many cables and it looks inappropriate, unlike wireless networks that do not need cables.
  • It needs large spaces to be placed, unlike wireless networks, which are placed in many places, such as museums, shops and many businesses.

Types of wireless networks

There are many types of wireless networks, and these types are:

Wireless personal network

And the abbreviation of the name of the network is PAN. It is one of the networks that is not widely used now, and it is similar to the Bluetooth network in that it connects devices and one device can access all the data of other devices.

wireless local area network

And the abbreviation of the name of the network is WLAN, it is one of the popular networks so far and is more widely used because it can cover large areas and reach kilometers, and transmit information to reach one hundred megabytes per second and is known as Wi-Fi, and the use of this network has become very widespread. In restaurants, companies, cafes and factories, and its cost is very low compared to the speed.

Metropolitan area network

And the abbreviation of the network’s name is MAN, and it is the largest wireless network covering a university campus or an entire city, as it connects many networks together to form one network.

WiMAX system

It is similar to WLAN, but it has many features that it offers to the user, where the speed is much higher than the speed of Wi-Fi, and it covers places that can reach an area of ​​50 kilometers, and it is distinguished by the accuracy of data transfer and fast arrival.

network Sprinkle net

  • It works to connect a wireless network, but in the form of linking devices together, but here it is not linked to one device, but it is linked to two devices.

bluetooth bluetooth

  • It is a wireless network that operates on frequencies where data and information is transferred randomly from one device to another, and the maximum speed can reach up to about 2.4835 GHz.

We have explained it in detail in this article Search for wireless networks and their types on sight The Comprehensive Arabic Encyclopedia And we learned about the types of wireless networks and how they work, while explaining the benefits of these networks and the difference between wired and wireless networks.

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Search for wireless networks and their types

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