Easy to use Snapchat

How to use Snapchat is a question that arises among all social network users, especially since this application has become one of the most important applications that are indispensable in our daily lives, as many studies have shown that the use of Snapchat has affected many young people people become one of the daily necessities of life as it is one of the most important means of communication that each of us needs, while this application has several advantages, including preventing everyone from storing the image of others, which gives more privacy.

In addition to the prominent course in adding some fun shapes that draw joy and happiness on the faces, what about the method of using Snapchat, an encyclopedia of simple steps that would contribute to dealing with this application through this article you presents to you, follow us.

Easy to use Snapchat

We present to you, dear reader, the steps that facilitate the process of using the Snapchat application for the first time through this article, so let’s get to know the simplest ways, including the following:

  • after Download the application and register for it, you need to add friends, as there are two icons in this application for friends’ names; The first bears the display name and the second the username, the difference being different. The first is the name you register for the friend while the username is your own name as it allows you to communicate with your friend or to add you by recognizing your name and clicking on it.

How to add a friend on snapchat

  • Open the Snapchat camera, you will find the word Discover.
  • After opening the Discover icon, you will find the word Add Friends, click on it.
  • You will see several options: Add by username, Add from address book, Add by snapcode, Add nearby.
  • You have to choose from these options which will lead you to the way to add friends, either by adding a username, adding him through the phone number on the phone, or through codes, or whether he is your friend nearby .
  • Choose to search for a friend by their name and type the name of the person you are looking for.
  • It is worth noting that Snapchat is completely different from the way of searching in other networks, as it does not provide suggestions, so you have to write the full and correct name of the friend in order to communicate with him.
  • When you see your friend’s name and photo, you need to click on the word Add.
  • To add your friend via his phone number, you need to register his phone number in the contacts, then click on the word contact in the add friends options, choose the number and click on the word Add.

Using Snapchat for Beginners

  • The circle icon in this app allows you to take photos as well as record videos.
  • As for the messages we receive, they are represented by the + symbol.
  • While we can write by pressing the T symbol.
  • If you want to delete the photos, you have to click on the X sign.
  • If you decide to save the photo or video, you can be helped by pressing the down arrow icon, while the right arrow icon indicates that the photos are being uploaded, making them public and available to everyone.
  • Click on the square icon to the right with the + symbol above it to send the image to one or more people.

We have provided you, dear reader, with all the icons and symbols found in the Snapchat program that can help you communicate through this application that needs to master its tools, because you just need to read this article to learn more about Snapchat’s capabilities and how to use it.

Easy to use Snapchat

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