Apple Store branches in Dubai

If you are someone who loves modern technology and want to know information about industries Apple Store in Dubai, we will present it to you today through our article from Encyclopedia as this store is located in emirates mall, and has another branch in it The Dubai Mall There is a giant wall through which many video clips are shown, next to an area dedicated to relaxation, and there are imported trees and tables that have been bought and imported from the Netherlands.

Apple is known to be one of the leading companies in the world and it has many versions and electronic devices be it mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. since its first version was launched by Steve Jobs in 2007 AD, and it develops and innovates itself year after year, until it became highly demanded by citizens, and its products are bought in large numbers, because of its specifications and distinctive features that set it apart from the rest of the companies that compete with it on the local and international markets.

We will talk a little more detail about the Apple Store branches in Dubai in the following lines, so follow along.

Apple Store in Dubai

Dubai Mall branch

The Apple Store contains about 150 or more Mac products as it is one of the best stores of electronics in the world, hence the technology-loving citizen gets luxurious, elegant and high-quality products.

This store offers a number of free workshops every day so that citizens can see and become familiar with modern products, in addition to the presence of specialized sessions for women to get acquainted with everything offered by Apple Store.

They have a staff of 30 nationalities who speak about 40 different languages. Whatever language you speak, you will find someone who understands and provides you with the services you want.

The store welcomes the public seven days a week from 10 am to midnight and is located on the first floor of the mall.

You can contact us by phone on this number +97145214400

Through this link you can view all the services offered in the Apple Store, Dubai Mall branch Clutch.

You can also email them [email protected]

Mall of the Emirates branch

This is the second branch of the Apple Store for electronic devices and is distinguished by its attractive style, beautiful decoration and its charming view of Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.

This branch of the Apple Store is topped with revolving glass doors designed by Foster & Associates.

It offers many services including phone maintenance, and if you are busy, you can make an appointment for maintenance on your phone through this website sooner Clutch ; In order not to waste or waste your time, you can use mobile devices, tablets and phones in the store as it offers free Wi-Fi for everyone and it also has gaming devices in it.

You can also view the Apple Store, Mall of the Emirates branch, and learn more about it by visiting their website, which is available through this Clutch.

The store opens its doors to receive citizens during weekdays from ten in the morning to ten in the evening.

You can contact the store associates at 80004441819

Apple Store branches in Dubai

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